We offer downpipes from PPE Engineering., custom made exhaust cutouts and more!


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COMING SOON - We offer the best OBDII bluetooth adapters to allow you to data log with your favorite Android or iOS application

About Us

A leader in Ecoboost part innovation we offer parts to upgrade all aspects of your Ecoboosted V6 vehicle. We offer the following manufacturers for sale:

Full-Race                                     MBRP                                       Stainless Works

ATP Turbo                          Aeromotive Gauges                            RevXtreme

PPE Engineering                Snow Performance                                SCT

Stainless Works                          Tial                                                 Airaid

Wagner and MANY MANY More!!!

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Increase your Ecoboost F150 or transverse ecoboost vehicle's power with Garrett turbo upgrades!

Modified intake manifolds to allow for 6 auxiliary injectors to be installed complete with fuel rails, auxiliary injector controller and in tank fuel pump upgrades

Ecoboost Power Parts is developing a new intake as well as hot side parts for the Flex/SHO/MKT/MKS vehicles and soon the F150 trucks. These will come complete with T clamps and silicone tubing to allow you to run high boost in hot climates (like our test Flex in Phoenix, AZ)

We also offer Airaid intakes for your Ecoboosted vehicle.

At Ecoboost Power Parts, we know how to make ecoboosted vehicles faster!

We are the first shop to break 600WHP on a STOCK motor Ecoboost powered vehicle. Nobody has come close to date!

Use the products that we use on our test Ford Flex, currently the fastest

Ford Flex in the world. During the building of this vehicle we have been

on the leading edge in fuel systems, turbo upgrades and exhaust modifications. Use our real world testing to help you get your car as fast

as you want it to go!

We support all of the Ecoboost V6 vehicles currently including the F150, SHO, Flex, Explorer Sport and Lincoln MKT/MKS, Focus ST, Fusion and will immediately start work on the Mustang once it's available.

You want your Ecoboosted vehicle to go faster?


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CP Carrillo Forged rods and pistons made just for the 3.5L Ecoboost engines for trucks and cars.

Forged Rods and Pistons


We have partnered with BlackMarket Racing to provide custom tunes and SCT programmers to our customers.


We offer Full-Race, ATP Turbo Garrett, Wagner and Vortech Intercoolers for the F150. These are proven to increase HP and reduce backpressure on the Ecoboost F150